Beekman Little League Baseball with Babe Ruth League


Code of Conduct & Grievance Procedure





The philosophy and principles of the BAC is to promote a positive, educational experience for youth baseball and softball.  It is the intention of the BAC to promote development of a solid knowledge base of fundamental skills while fostering excellent individual and group sportsmanship, both on and off the fields.  In order to maintain a quality and safe experience, the BAC is committed to ensuring adherence to the following Code of Conduct requirements for all players, coaches, managers, parents and spectators for our sporting events.  Behavior from all parties is expected to reflect excellent sportsmanship, courtesy and respect.  


As such, all parties are expected to:

   • Engage in respectful and courteous conduct, language, gestures and behaviors. 

   • Refrain from engaging in inappropriate physical contact, intimidating, hostile and/or violent behaviors.

   • Refrain from misuse of equipment, including but not limited to, throwing equipment.

   • Demonstrate a constant awareness and adherence to BAC safety rules.

   • Refrain from the use of tobacco products, alcoholic beverages and/or any other illegal  substances both on BAC fields and at BAC participating/sponsored events.

   • Demonstrate adherence to game rules and related decisions of any officials.

   • Arrive timely to practices and games.




In order to promote the philosophy and principles of the BAC, noncompliance with the BAC Code of Conduct will not be tolerated.  Should any player, manager, coach and/or parent of a BAC player engage in activity or behavior inconsistent with BAC Code of Conduct, a grievance form shall the submitted to the league President here.  The situation will be reviewed by the BAC Board. 


All parties involved in a grievance will receive the right to be interviewed for their statement of the event/issue.  All statements will be considered by the Committee during the review process.




Should any party be determined to have violated the Code of Conduct, the party is subject to action from the BAC Board.  Such action may include consequences up to and including dismissal from the BAC program.  BAC reserves the right to assess issues of concern and make decisions regarding actions dependent upon this assessment and the judgment/recommendations of the BAC Board.  All violations will be documented and remain permanently on file.  All decisions are final.


1st Violation

Minimum 1 game suspension

2nd Violation

Minimum 2 week suspension

3rd Violation

Minimum 5 week suspension


Suspension: Not allowed within the boundaries of the park that the team is playing on during practice, game play or team meetings after the game. Parents can drop off prior to practice and pickup after the scheduled end of the game provided that they stay in their cars in the designated parking area.