Beekman Little League Baseball with Babe Ruth League


 12 & Under Travel Program Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Why should I play for BAC?

  • Competitive registration fees
  • Local access to Beekman fields for practice and games
  • Continuity of playing with your friends and fellow teammates
  • Flexibility of managers to participate in up to 3 different travel leagues and tournaments
  • Development of comradery among players that make the All-Star team.


How do I determine age for eligibility?

  • Player eligibility is based on age as of May 1 of the current year for the Spring Program and May 1 of the following year for the Fall Program.  
    • For example, if a birthdate is March 1, 2011, then the player would be eligible for the 11u program in Spring 2021 and 12u program in Fall 2021.


Can a player play for an age group older than he/she is eligible for?

  • Players are allowed to try out for up to (2) age groups.
  • They will try out for the age group that that are eligible for and are allowed to try out for the age group that is 1 year older than their eligible age.
    • For example, if a birthdate is March 1, 2011, then the player would be eligible for the Spring 2021 11u program and could also tryout for the Spring 2021 12u program.
  • Once tryouts are completed, the Travel Committee will review all assessments.  For players that tried out at multiple age groups, the committee will recommend to the Board where this player is to be placed best interest of the player, teams and league.
  • All decisions by the Board are final.


Which Travel Leagues will we play in?

  • Each manager the flexibility of customizing a schedule for their team and will be able to choose from several local leagues.


How are managers selected?

  • Anyone interested in managing a Travel team, will volunteer to the league President
  • All applications will be reviewed and a manager will be selected for each age group by the nominating committee (President, Vice President, Director, and Board Members)
  • All travel managers must be BAC Board confirmed, hold all coaching certifications required of BAC, and have the character, values, attitude and organizational expertise to run a travel team including selection of coaches, their on-going support, parent management, and strong player development


How are teams comprised?

  • Though it is the manager's discretion to determine the number of players on their team, there are historically 12-15 players on a team.
  • Tryouts will be held and players will be assessed by the team manager and (2) other Travel team managers.
  • Players receive a rating (1 -5) in the following categories:
    • Catching
    • Throwing
    • Fielding
    • Hitting
    • Running
    • Pitching
  • Managers will have the discretion of completing the roster for their team.


What if a player can't participate in a tryout?

  • (2) tryout dates are available for each age group to allow for schedule conflicts.


Can a player lose his place on the team?

  • A parent can decline having their child participate in a team at any time.  Any fees will be forfeited.
  • Everyone is expected to follow the BAC Code of Conduct.  Violations will follow the BAC Grievance Procedure and are subject to the same consequences


What are the Player Expectations?

  • Participate in the current season of BAC recreational baseball.
  • Always try your best in every practice and game and strive to improve every day.
  • Demonstrate appropriate behavior and sportsmanship whenever you are with your team.
  • Listen respectfully to your Manager and Coaches – they are volunteering their time to help you.
  • Be on time and attend every practice and game that you possibly can. This is a TEAM game and your team is depending on you!
  • Accept your Manager’s decisions, including playing time, positions, and spot in the batting order.  You will be competing with other players and will need to work hard to earn playing time.
  • Understand that once you commit to playing for this team, you are agreeing to follow these guidelines.  If you fail to do so, you risk losing playing time or your spot on the team.


What are the Parent Expectations?

  • Model appropriate behavior and sportsmanship so that your son and his teammates have a strong example to follow.
  • Support the TEAM concept and reinforce the importance of hard work, responsibility and sportsmanship.
  • Get your child to practices and games on time. His attendance is always expected, but if he will be late to or miss a practice or game it is crucial that you communicate with your Manager as early as possible.
  • The Manager is in charge of the team, support him and accept his decisions.
  • Participate in team functions, including volunteering for fundraising if necessary.
  • Meet your financial obligation to the team as outlined by your Manager. If your child decides to leave the team or is asked to leave the team due to violating this agreement, no refunds will be offered and your rights to funds raised will be forfeited.


What are the Manager and Coach Expectations?

  • Model appropriate behavior and sportsmanship so your players have a strong example to follow.
  • Provide ample opportunities to your players to improve their skills in practices and games.
  • Follow team rules outlined above and hold players accountable to do the same.
  • Manage team budget and spending and provide this information to the team and the BAC.
  • Keep in constant communication with the Rec coaches should the games be close together.
  • Keep accurate pitch counts for all players and work with Rec coaches to make sure we are looking out for our kids.


When will games be played?

  • Games are determined by the managers and coaches and will vary.  This will avoid any conflict with Recreation games and provide players the opportunity to maximize their game time.


Is participation in a BAC Travel Team required for All-Stars?

  • NO. This is not a requirement.  However, many players that participate in the Travel program have also been part of the All Star team and this provides an opportunity for the players to get ahead of developing a comradery.


Is participation in BAC Recreation required for a BAC Travel Team?

  • NO. Participation in the BAC recreation program is required for All Star teams but is optional and highly recommended for Travel Teams.


What is the duration of the season?

  • Though there are no definitive start and end dates.  Each travel season will be aligned with the recreation season.  For Spring, this will ensure that there are no conflicts with All Star practices and games.


What is the cost for the Travel Program?

  • Registration Fees will vary by season and year.  It will cover league fees, insurance, tryouts, uniforms, umpires and baseballs.
  • Managers will determine each team’s fees.
  • Each team will owe money directly to the Beekman Athletic Club to cover league fees.


How many games will be played each season?

  • Each manager will determine the exact schedule for their team each season.  The goal is to play 6 -12 games each season.


Will we participate in Tournaments?

  • Each manager will determine the tournament schedule for their team each season.  The goal is to participate in 2 tournaments each season.  Any costs for tournament fees are extra and will be collected separately.  You are responsible for mileage, food, housing or other costs associated with travel play.


Will there be a Winter Program?

  • Each manager will determine if they will develop/provide a Winter program.  Any costs associated with facility use for a winter program are extra and will be collected separately.


Do BAC Managers get paid?

  • No.  All BAC Managers are volunteers and do not get paid for their time and effort.  This is one of the reasons that we are able to provide competitive fees.  As a non-profit organization, we look to cover our actual expenses.


How do I pay?

  • All registrations will be submitted and paid online on the BAC web site or via other means determined by the manager.
  • Other payment arrangements can be made via direct contact with the Manager or the Beekman Athletic Club Treasurer.
  • Once a player is selected for a team, parents will be required to register online for the appropriate Travel program.


What if I have other question?

  • Additional questions can be sent to