Beekman Little League Baseball with Babe Ruth League


Manager/Coach Requirements

Anyone that will be in contact with players on the field or in the dugout requires a background check.  Click here to complete the Manager/Coach form

All managers and primary coaches are required to have a Babe Ruth Certification.  You will be required to show your certificate at all All Star tournaments.  The cost is $19.95 and never expires.  



Accident Reports


Accident Reports are required whenever any injury occurs during a BAC sponsored event (eg. games and practices) regardless of where it took place.  

The form can be completed here.

Pitch Counts



Pitch Counts are required after each game for Baseball: Cal Ripken & Babe Ruth and Softball: Minor, Major & Babe Ruth.  The purpose is to ensure that pitchers do not exceed prescribed pitch counts over a period of time across all programs.  

The form can be completed here.  

The MLB guide to pitching smart can be found here

Concussion Training

Concussion Training can be found here.  

Additional information on concussions from Babe Ruth can be found here.



Lightning is one of the most dangerous events.  

Information on lightning safety can be found here.

Child Abuse


Child Abuse can come in many forms.  

Please read here about Babe Ruth's program.




Bat Rules
Bat Rules are provided to ensure safety and consistency.  Babe Ruth bat rules can be found here.
2015 Rule Changes Update rules for Babe Ruth can be found here.
Rules by Division  
Code of Conduct  



Helpful Links

Ripken Virtual Academy
Babe Ruth Education Center
Ripken Education Center

Ripken Coaches Clipboard
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Ripken Baseball Camps
Ripken Tournaments


Entering Game Results

  1. Go to
  2. Click Sign In in the upper right corner and enter your credentials
  3. Select your team from the Teams menu (example for my team: Teams - Spring 2014 Baseball - Babe Ruth Juniors - Mets)
  4. Click Results on the left under CHOOSE A TEAM
  5. On the right, Click the yellow icon (Enter Game Results) under Actions
  6. Enter your name, phone and email
  7. Scroll down and enter the score for each team and click Submit


You will receive an email from BAC like the following to confirm your submission:


Beekman Athletic Club
   Sport: Multi-Sport
  League: >Babe Ruth Juniors
    Date: 4-24-2014 at 5:30p
    Team: BAC-Mets   vs   BAC-Astros
Location: TCP 1 - Hopewell Junction, NY
   Score: 4 to 9

Once the opposing Manager submits his/her results, the game will be confirmed and the standings will be updated.