Beekman Little League Baseball with Babe Ruth League


Frequently Asked Questions:

High Level Registration Overview
League Athletics User's Guide
What is League Age?
How do I add additional Email Addresses to my account?
What does the league provide?
What do I need to provide?

High Level Registration Overview:

  • Click on the Register Now button on the home page
  • Select a Registration Category
  • Click on Begin Registration under the desired division
  • Follow directions for Account Login/Creation
  • Add Adults/Children as needed.
    • Add multiple email addresses separated by a comma
    • Select Roster to make data available only to your team
    • Select Cell Phone Provider to enable text message notifications
  • Follow directions to Register Family Members
  • Click the Pay Now button to pay online

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League Athletics User Guide

Click the link below for the full User's Guide:


What is League Age?

League Age is the childs chronological age on:
Baseball - April 30th of the year in question.
i.e. For the 2022 season, if the child is 10 after April 30th, 2011, then they are League Age 10.
Click on My Account and login.
Click on your name.
Add additional emails addresses in the Email Address field, separated by a comma.
for example, , .
I would recommend also adding the additional addresses to the child's Email Address field as well.

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All players receive a uniform shirt and hat.
Bats, helmets, and catching gear is provided for the team.

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What do I need to provide?
A glove is required.
Cleats are highly recommended, especially above the T-Ball division.
A helmet is suggested, so as to not have to share.
Baseball pants are suggested